What do you need to do now? Sit back, relax, and wait for your paperwork to arrive.
— We'll take care of all the hard stuff

Preparing for your Move-In

Once you have agreed to a tenant, we will begin the referencing. This involves checking the tenant's eligibility under the "Right to Rent" laws, carrying out a credit search and where applicable obtaining a reference from the employer and Landlord. We will also check pensions, accountancy information or books, and any other income to verify affordability.

Once this referencing has been returned and all information has been verified as satisfactory, we will send you tenancy agreements and the relevant paperwork relating to the deposit for you to read and sign. If you have any additional terms you would like added to the agreement, you only need to let us know.

While the paperwork is making its way back and forth across the city (or the globe!) we will make sure all relevant safety certificates are in place. More information regarding legal requirements and our recommendations can be found HERE.

Prior to the move-in, we will visit and, if required, carry out the inventory. An inventory is important to protect the deposit, and will act as a record of the state of the property at the start of the tenancy should there be a disagreement with the Tenant at the end of the tenancy. This also gives us the opportunity to collect meter readings, which we then forward to all utility suppliers (Gas, Electricity, and Water) at the commencement of the tenancy. We also advise the Local Authority of the new Tenant for Council Tax purposes.


On the agreed day, the tenant will come into our office to sign documentation and collect keys. The paperwork that they will sign includes the Tenancy Agreement, Prescribed Information, and Standing Order Mandate, which we then forward to their bank for future rent payments. They will then pay the first month's rent and deposit and take away the keys to their new home. They sign a "checklist" to confirm that they have received their prescribed information, tenancy agreement, How to Rent guide, etc. this gives us something concrete to show we have complied with all regulations relating to Prescribed Information.

The deposit will be registered with the DPS (Deposit Protection Service). This incurs the Landlord and Tenant no additional costs, and the first month's rent will be paid to you less any costs as soon as practical. We will email you a statement each month, or we can send a monthly hard copy if preferred.

At this point, the property is let and the tenants have moved in.

Should you opt for our "Fully Managed" service, we will visit the property periodically to keep an eye on things, and keep you informed of any issues. Ideally the tenants will stay forever, but should they decide to move on in the future, we can re-market during their notice period to secure a new tenant quickly, hopefully minimising the empty period of your property. If you’ve chosen a Tenant Find approach, we’ll give the tenants your contact information and leave things in your capable hands. We’ll still be there if you ever need some help or advice in the future, and should your Tenants give you notice later on, just contact the office and we will happy to re-market.