Application Process

Renting a property through PL Properties is simple, affordable, and hassle free. Once you have found a property, an application must be made via an Application Form filled out by each adult over the age of eighteen that will be living in the property. The forms must then be posted or dropped to us at the office, along with identification and a proposed move-in date. Unfortunately, we cannot accept forms that have been electronically signed. The tenant or guarantor forms can be downloaded via the buttons on this page.

Having received the completed Forms, we will put your Application to the Landlord. Once the Landlord has given their approval, we will contact you to arrange payment of the Holding Deposit by debit card, either in person or over the phone. (More info on the Holding Deposit can be found HERE)

Once we have received the Holding Deposit, we will begin the referencing process. This usually takes around 5 working days, depending on the ease of contacting referees. The referencing is carried out by an independent, professional referencing company, and is broken into three main parts: a Credit Check, a Landlord Reference (where applicable), and an Employers Reference/Income Check (This may include verifying pensions, savings, or self-employed income).

Once all parts of the referencing have been completed, the referencing company will return the report to us. Provided all the information and references check out, we will be able to contact you and arrange a time for you to come and sign up.

When attending your appointment, you must ensure that all Tenants on the Tenancy Agreement are present, and that you have the funds ready to pay by debit card. If you have a guarantor, you must ensure that all Guarantor Agreements have been returned to the office prior to the Sign-Up appointment, or we will be unable to release keys. These agreements will be posted to your guarantor in plenty of time, and must be signed, witnessed (by someone who is not on the agreement) and returned.

On the day that you sign-up, you will be asked to sign Tenancy Agreements, fill out paperwork relating to the Deposit Registration as well as a Standing Order Mandate. You will then be asked to pay the first months rent and the deposit (minus the holding deposit, which you get back) by debit card, after which you will receive copies of the inventory, safety certificates, and finally the keys to your new home.