Privacy Statement - Landlords

To allow us to effectively manage your property and legitimate interests, we will need to take and hold certain information about you and your situation. This Privacy Notice outlines what we hold, why we hold it, and what we do with it.

What information will PL Properties hold?

At the start of our working together, we will ask you to fill out a “Landlord Pack”. This will be held on file for the duration of our involvement, and for a reasonable time afterwards. It contains:

  • Your full name, and the full names of all owners of the property

  • The address of the property

  • The service we will be providing you (Tenant Find or Fully Managed), and the contract pertaining to this.

  • Your home address, contact telephone numbers, and email addresses

  • Your bank details

  • ·Your UK Residency status

Information pertaining to the property which may be less sensitive, including utility suppliers, block managing details, and service agreements.

Throughout management you may also choose to supply us with other information to aid effective management of your interests. It is difficult for us to outline these specifically, as they could vary from case to case.

What do we do with it?

The landlord pack itself will be held in a file for your property, alongside relevant paperwork such as Tenancy Agreements, and any email correspondence relating to the property with you, your tenants, or any third parties. This file is kept in a locked cabinet overnight. Our office is kept locked while empty, and is on a secure complex called “The Millfields”, with 24 hour manned security.

Some of the information on the pack will be digitised and added to our database. This database forms part of our property management software, which our staff use to maximise efficiency. This database is protected by between one and two passwords, and is encrypted at least once. It is backed up offsite, but is password protected and encrypted again at this point. The sensitive information that is digitised includes:

  • Your name

  • Your correspondence address(es)

  • Your contact telephone numbers and email address

  • Your bank details

Third Parties

We do not pass your information to third parties for marketing, but there may be times when a third party will require your information in order for us to continue protecting your interests. The specific times this may become relevant are too varied to list, however some examples are below

  • Your name and telephone number are passed onto a third-party contractor with your consent so that they may contact you directly to discuss a quote

  • Your name and correspondence address are passed onto a utility company to allow the settlement of final bills for the vacant period of your property

  • Your name, address, and UK residency status are passed onto HMRC on their request (we are legally required to comply with such a request without consulting you)

How long will we hold it?

All information will be held for the duration of our management of the property, and for a reasonable time afterwards. What constitutes a reasonable time will vary from case to case. Where a property has been sold, information will be disposed of sooner than a property where the Landlord has temporarily taken back possession of a property to let a family member stay. We will need to keep information where required to keep us legally compliant (including keeping Gas Safety Certificates and old Tenancy Agreements), and where we still hold or have dealings with a deposit. Our management will be considered to have ceased in instances where we no longer hold a deposit, have no current tenant and are not marketing a property, or acting on your behalf in relation to the property. Once this period expires we will be unable to hold any information, so if there is anything in the future that you think you may need (for example a Tenancy Agreement may be requested by a utility company in the future) you should make sure you request this at the end of your Tenancy.

Why do we need it?

All data we collect and hold is done so to allow us to effectively manage your property, and to keep us compliant with various pieces of legislation.

Your Rights

You have the right to access your data, rectify errors, and request erasure of information where the data is no longer necessary, or you withdraw consent due to unlawful processing. Erasure may not always be possible, as legislation requires us to maintain some records of the things that we do and the people that we deal with. You should be aware that without this information we may be unable to continue management of your property.